MEDITATION... Something I never thought was for me, but has changed my life.

Have you ever felt scattered, chaotic, not showing up to an important conversation because you’re distracted, feel like your life is passing by you, been misguided by the stories you create in your own mind? I sure have, 100%, and sometimes still do. Being a slave to your thoughts, emotions and stories creates a lot of hardship in our lives.

Consciousness is one of the greatest mysteries of human life, but it is also one of the most extraordinary gifts. Meditation allows you to learn to be witness to all of those thoughts, emotions, and stories, not a character in them.

Meditation has been an exceptional tool for me to understand the importance of my attention. That my attention is even more important than my time. There is no point in taking the time to go out for dinner with your friend if you're going to be thinking about/on your phone the whole time... You may as well be anywhere else in the world.

I want to live I life that I show up to, each and every moment with intention. Meditation allows you to learn the skill of mindfulness, which allows your more calm, rational, objective brain to be aware of and overcome the strong survival hardwiring of our old evolutionary brain.

Don’t know where to begin?

My absolute favourite resource is Sam Harris, and his app called the Waking Up Course. It consists of an introduction course to meditation, 10 (or 20) minute daily guided meditations, interviews with incredible experts on the broad topic of consciousness, and so so much more.


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